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In addition, if the impeller is damaged, warped, or bent, it can scape against the pump housing. . .

Set your multimeter to the R x 1 setting. At times, the drain hose can get clogged with food debris, or folds or kinks in the hose can suppress water flow.



Inspect the wash impeller for damage. Checking the drain pump generally requires access to the dishwasher’s bottom.

. The drain pump impeller is clean and rotates but is worn.

If running a resistance test, most working drain pumps should show a reading of around 200.

Jan 21, 2021 · Check Valve & Run water in the sink that the dishwasher is connected to.

Your motor should show little resistance (a reading of zero, or close to zero). . Supco parts are built to last and popular among repair technicians and DIYers.

Set your multimeter to the R x 1 setting. . Visit the ANTOBLE Store. . 0 reviews Orders (18) $39. Sep 21, 2020 · This means if you open your dishwasher after a cycle and find standing water still in the bottom, it could mean that your drain pump has gone faulty.

- Removed the level/temp sensor (connected to the bottom of the brake case) and cleaned it out None of these steps are working.

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This means disconnecting the inlet hose and removing the base plate.

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What Should You Do If Your Drain Pump Motor Has.

If one or more of the impeller blades is broken, the dishwasher will make noise.